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Castle of Schloss Hof

Schloss Hof is a palace located in Austria near the border of Slovakia. It once belonged to Prince Eugene of Savoy who purchased it late in his life in 1726, He had it enlarged in the Baroque style by the architect Johann Lukas von Hildebrandt in 1729, and used it as an elaborate hunting lodge. He left it to a niece in his will, and it was later purchased by Empress Maria Theresa of Austria and became part of the imperial estates.

The Castle of Schloss Hof is so popular and famous that it was the main motive of one of the most famous silver collectors coins: the The Castle of Schlosshof coin. This coin was issued honouring the castle with the obverse side showing a view of the castle from the terraced garden side.

Castle of Schloss Hof
Schloss Hof 1
2294 Schloßhof

Source Wikipedia | Photo Credit © Peter Knorr, via Wikimedia Commons

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